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Why the Phoenix

If you take a  look at our logo, you'll see a phoenix coming out of a book, and you might wonder why. 

This represents the spirit of Mentor Books. "Rising from the ashes, through knowledge." During the post-2009 economic collapse, CEO Heidi Francine lost everything. No job, divorced, no house, car, and her mother passed away. 

After being out of the job market for years while raising her kids, Heidi went back to school and got her Masters degree, and began to write children's books ( you can find these books in our store). In an attempt to sell these books, Heidi went to conferences to learn more about Psychotherapy (her Master's degree) as well as sell her children's books. She met a man named Blaire Dunn, who owned the conference bookstore called Mentor Books. She asked him to allow her to sell her books. Begrudgingly he agreed. They formed a fast friendship, and she would attend various conferences helping him with the bookstore and selling her books. Eventually, Blaire would be ready to retire. When he did, he asked Heidi if she would be interested in acquiring Mentor Books.

Now Heidi puts on EMDR therapy workshops, practices psychotherapy twice a week, and owns her own business (Mentor Books.) If it weren't for books, We would not be where we are today.