See Me, Feel Me, Heal Me: The Brain and EMDR Therapy Workshop
with Dr. Uri Bergmann in New York

You are cordially invited to our exclusive, advanced workshop with

Dr. Uri Bergmann at the Sheraton La Guardia, in New York. Aug 2nd & 3rd.

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Often times clients find it challenging to self regulate or get overwhelmed when processing difficult emotions. In this workshop, you will learn the art and science of mentoring clients in key coping skills through the power of mirror neurons and positive affects of transference and counter transference.

Learn about the brain, synchronization and how the brain changes with therapy. This method can be incorporated into any therapy modality.


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Course Description

The brain has never been understood better than it is today. We now know the brain can and does change throughout life. Learn the importance of your brain in your therapy sessions and how it can regulate your clients brain. Understand how to utilize neuro synchronicity to enhance the power of therapy. Easily learn the importance of the mirror neuron system in you the therapist and your client. Understand and utilize transference and counter-transference like never before. This is a workshop you will not want to miss!
Come learn how your unconscious talks to your clients unconscious and how to help them regulate.

Workshop Objectives


We will learn how to be increasingly explicit throughout reprocessing. We will address material that, in the absence of such embodied focus, remains dissociated and dysregulated.
We will review and discuss recent research on the Mirror Neuron System in regards to our own physical and mental states, during a therapy session.
Participants will learn to utilize their own body scans as reflections of the somatic experience of their patients.
Learn methods of bringing non-conscious experiences to verbal consciousness and synchronize it with your clients.
Learn how to integrate this material into clinical practice.


Day 1: Seeing the Brain
Workshop begins at 9:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm
  • Learn how the brain changes with therapy and processing. (EMDR Therapy)
  • (See actual brain images)
  • Learn what developmental neurobiology has taught us about psychological development and how and why it is important today.
  • Learn how attachment and connection work in the brain.
  • Optimize the processes of transference and counter-transference

Day 2

  • Learn how to utilize this knowledge of synchronization in treatment.
  • How to become more active in the patient/therapist vortex.
  • Understand the mirror neuron system and its value.
  • Techniques to render treatment more robust. ( EMDR Therapy)
  • Understand transference and counter-transference through the lens of neurobiology.


Earn 13 CEUs

Earn 13 EMDRIA Credits

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Book signing with
Dr. Bergmann

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Special Workshop hotel room discount

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will this help my clients?

You will be pleasantly surprised at how you can apply what you learn the first day back to your office. You will see the difference, as your clients experience healing and report back to you.


Is it worth the money?

The feedback we get is that this workshop brings new energy to practicing therapy and EMDR therapy. This information has changed people's practice in a positive way. The value is excellent!

Can transference really be positive?

In this workshop you will learn how to utilize this type of transference in order to help your clients regulate.

What if the subject material is too advanced for me?

We are growing in leaps and bounds with new information pertaining to the brain and EMDR therapy. We are moving it from research to practice in a way that can be easily understood. Dr. Bergmann translates difficult concepts easily so you can understand.


What if the subject matter doesn't interest me?

Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, nurses or anyone in the healing industry can benefit by understanding their brain and their patients. If you are in the healing field this is a workshop you won't want to miss.

Should I attend even if I have received by CEs and or Advanced Trainings for the year?

Yes! The most successful clinicians attend between 3 and 5 training's a year and sometimes more. This workshop will not be repeated this year.


Meet Dr. Uri Bergmann

Dr. Uri Bergmann is a published author, international speaker, past president of the EMDR International Association, and serves as a board member on numerous editorial boards, as well as an EMDR institute senior facilitator. Dr. Bergman has over 30 years of clinical experience. His new book, "Neurobiological foundations for EMDR Practice 2nd addition has just been released!

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With Special Guest Speaker Doctor Peter Bongiorno

Our special bonus guest speaker Dr. Peter Bonigiorno, author award winning books "How Come Am Happy and Their Not," and "The Depression Solution." Dr. Bonigiorno will be speaking on holistic solutions to depression and anxiety in conjunction with EMDR Therapy.